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"Leanora and Starr are amazing and insightful healers. They have helped me recover from an ankle injury and dislocated shoulder. Their instructions were clear, helpful, and kept me out of surgery. They look at the whole person and helped me make improvements overall, not just focus on what I was complaining about. Most importantly they provided comfort and hope that the pain would stop. "
Jan 24, 2019
"Leanora helped me recover from a detached bicep tendon. Following surgeon's recommendations, she ensured my recovery was methodical and complete. My arm is now back to what it was before the injury. She is a caring and cautious in her approach to rehab. She wanted me to regain complete use of my arm and she accomplished that. THANK YOU LEANORA! YEAH!"
Jan 22, 2019
"Leanora was fantastic; very personable. She got me right in and her office was easy to find. She made sure I understood what I was dealing with ( thumb and wrist) and how best to treat it (topically and with exercises/massage). Leanora handled all of my insurance needs without any fuss. I will definitely utilize her services again if needed! "
Jan 14, 2019
"Leanora responded immediately to set up my treatment when the hospital affiliated PT’s were booked weeks out. She is very accessible. She is the first PT I’ve been to beyond four appointments because she works with you your entire visit, every single time. She listens. She understands the desire for fast recovery (especially for an endurance athlete, trail runner, skier, biker, and swimmer). She is very encouraging when progress seems slow. I will definitely go back to her if I’m injured again."
Jan 13, 2019


Leanora helped me to understand what was wrong with my back and how to manage the pain and increase my mobility. No one else really understood or explained anything to me. I can hike again and ride my bike!!!!

Jeanne – Howard, Colorado