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"I am from NJ recovering from a total ankle reconstruction and was on vacation at my son’s house in Colorado. It was important that we find a good PT program for me to continue my therapy. I am so glad we found Leanora at Arkansas Valley. Very nice facility and the staff is very knowledgeable. Definitely recommend Leanora and this facility to anyone needing PT. "
Aug 04, 2023
"Leonora is the Best. I had a message waiting for me when I returned home from the orthopedic's office, and was receiving therapy 6 days later. The office is professional, yet has a friendly atmosphere making for a good experience. She makes you work, and the results are fantastic. I highly recommend !!!"
Jul 31, 2023
"Melinda is such a pure professional physical therapist, that there was never a doubt that I'd fully recover from my spine operation. She's also enjoyable to talk with as I did my routine twice a week for 12 weeks."
Apr 07, 2023
"Thanks for your caring help. I appreciate your approach and coaching for knee specific routines. I will return for another round when I get my next chance."
Mar 19, 2023
"Leanonra and Melinda are the best professionals in the Salida area.. I have gone to them for my foot ankle surgical aftercare, and then attended therapy after two knee total replacements. They worked very hard with me to help get me back walking again. They both are very caring and concerned about my recovery. I would highly recommend them."
Feb 13, 2023
"The therapists have a great deal of experience and knowledge. They are wonderful and caring therapists with the patient well-being as a priority. Leanora was able to get be back on my feet and doing great quick. I had a great experience with super personal care."
Jan 05, 2023
"Leonora and Melinda are wonderful. I went to them after having a broken pelvis in two places. They gave me the tools and exercises needed to be full weight bearing and walk normally again. I'm super grateful to have seen them and would highly recommend them!"
Oct 28, 2022
"After breaking my tibia, I had the good fortune of coming here for PT. I made a remarkably swift recovery. I have full range of motion in my knee and I can even rise from the floor using just my two legs. I was encouraged and listened to at every step and felt my confidence grow with each visit. Following Leanora’s instructions, I have made a great recovery in the 3 1/2 months since my injury. Leanora is just the best!"
Sep 29, 2022
"Many thanks to Leanora, Melinda and Emily for the professional and caring therapy after my toe surgery and knee replacement Melinda helped me get my knee strong again. they are very caring and kind people. I would definitely go to them again if I need physical therapy. I highly recommend them. Deanna "
May 04, 2022
"After knee replacement surgery, Leonora, Melinda, and Emily worked hard to get me back to where I wanted to be. They were always able to schedule time for me in spite of my variable schedule. They not only closely monitored my progress but also adjusted treatment to meet my specific goals and needs. Every one of them was friendly and extremely competent making sessions a pleasant experience. If I ever need physical therapy again I will not hesitate to contact Arkansas Valley PT."
Apr 13, 2022
"I had a wonderful experience with Leanora and Melinda after total hip replacement surgery! They are so knowledgeable, skilled and experienced and I feel like I received the best possible treatment designed and geared to my specific needs! I credit them with my very positive recovery! They went above and beyond to see that my treatment at the office and at home was designed to give me careful, safe and productive results! They always addressed and took the time to answer any questions I had and to care for any concerns that came up during my recovery. I am new to the area and I feel so very lucky I found Arkansas Valley Physical Therapy! I am so grateful for the gifted and compassionate experience I had with Leanora and Melinda. Thank you always! "
Feb 03, 2022
"I had knee correction surgery in October, and Leanora and Emily gently but firmly guided me through the recovery process over the following several months. They are both quite knowledgeable, empathetic and encouraging, and my knee has progressed extremely well. The atmosphere in the clinic is warm and friendly, which helps so much while you're struggling to recover and get back to your life. I wouldn't go anywhere else in Chaffee County for physical therapy and highly recommend Arkansas Valley Physical Therapy to others!"
Jan 21, 2022
"Leonora's house calls are very much appreciated. Her therapy sessions with me have greatly improved my challenging mobility. She encourages me to work hard, and always appreciates my efforts. Sincerely, Lois"
May 29, 2021
"Both my husband and I needed PT at same time... We got in quickly to start the process.. All appointments were on time and very professional. Very happy with the results of our visits. "
Mar 20, 2021
"Working with Leanora was great experience. She is professional, knowledgeable, and really cares about each patient. I had a Talus fracture in my foot that needed surgery. Leanora used orthopedic manual therapy techniques that got me back to work and play without a limp."
Mar 11, 2021
"Many thanks to Leonora & Melinda for their professional and caring treatment. Healing an elbow is a process and with their expertise in manual therapy and guidance for at-home exercises, I could feel the improvements each week. I felt very safe even with Covid concerns as they have a very effective procedure for screening, cleaning and scheduling during this difficult time. Even though the number of patients that can visit the clinic each day is limited right now, I was able to get a very regular and flexible schedule in place. Life is back to normal now and I am so very thankful for the excellent treatment and super support. I highly recommend Arkansas Valley Physical Therapy and Pain Center for all rehab/recovery/pain management needs."
Nov 27, 2020
"Leanora and Melinda helped me overcome a foot pain that was causing problems when I went hiking and snowshoeing. Through manual treatment and strengthening exercises, my condition greatly improved so that I'm confident doing these activities again! To prevent future injuries, I'm very motivated to do the home exercises that they provided. Leanora and Melinda are the greatest! They're super friendly and relate to me in a caring and personable way. I know that many of their patients have conditions that are much more complex than my own. I won't hesitate to return to Arkansas Valley PT for any of my physical therapy needs! "
Nov 24, 2020
"I saw Leanora awhile back after I hurt my shoulder. She called me the same day I called and I got in pretty quickly. I was on a waiting list for a long time to be seen at another clinic. I was able to get the help I needed and I did my home program after that as I had to leave town. I really liked her PTA and the therapy dog too!"
Nov 24, 2020
"I had a great experience with this clinic as I felt that they focused on my goals and helped me figure out a plan of action with my back injury. They educated me a lot about what was wrong and how to get better. They are super strict about the mask wearing and symptom checking for sure. "
Nov 24, 2020
"I really enjoyed working with Leanora and Melinda. They were very attentive to my situation as I can only do certain days and times. I have now very little pain after I saw them. I had really intense knee pain after hiking a long hard trail. I would recommend them for sure! Gene. Nathrop, colorado"
Sep 30, 2020
"I rarely write reviews, but I am writing this one because I believe in the approach, atmosphere, and overall treatment I received at Ark Valley PT. What I love most about Ark Valley PT is the people. Leanora and Melinda are both great to work with! They made the sometimes-difficult process of physical rehabilitation a light, friendly, helpful, and effective experience. I spent most of my time with Leanora for recovery from a hip labral tear, meniscus tear, and MCL tear. Her extensive knowledge and experience was evident during my treatment. She was very thoughtful in her methodology towards my treatment including tweaking the protocol when needed. Leanora not only took great care of me while in her clinic, but also checked in on me to see how I was doing and to make sure that I had the correct exercises to work with on my own. I am incredibly pleased with the treatment and care I received - and I am doing great now! My recovery is proof of the great care and attention I received at Ark Valley PT."
Jul 07, 2020
"I went to Arkansas Valley PT for treatment of shoulder and neck pain. Leanora and Melinda developed a personalized exercise program for me and provided manual therapy. They did a good job of explaining things and offering suggestions for relieving my pain. I am very happy with the treatment I received, it significantly improved my condition. I highly recommend Arkansas Valley PT."
Jan 08, 2020
"I had elbow surgery done through the Steadman Clinic in Vail, and Leanora did a fantastic job with the followup PT. She helped with the initial wound care and then worked diligently to increase the range of motion in my elbow. Within two months of the surgery, I am finally feeling like my elbow will get better. I am extremely pleased with the work Leanora did to facilitate my recovery."
Jan 07, 2020
" I have lived with positional vertigo since 1994. I have been to doctors and other physical therapists quite a few times over the years and have tried the Epley maneuver repeatedly. After a number of appointments with Leanora for my shoulder, she thought she might be able to help me with my vertigo. The dizziness was a daily problem for me until December 20th when she treated me. I haven't been dizzy since I left her clinic. Leanora applied the maneuvers differently than I had experienced in the past and I believe because of her experience and knowledge, after 26 years, she found my cure. Thanks Leanora C. Salida"
Jan 04, 2020
"Great help in recovering from and ankle injury with suggestions of how to avoid future problems. Much Thanks, John"
Sep 19, 2019
"I was pleased to find a personalized treatment center for my shoulder pain. My therapist not only worked on my shoulder in each session, but sent me on-line exercises to help relieve my shoulder pain. She also made suggestions to help prevent further shoulder pain incidents. Leanora listened to my problem & answered my questions with genuine desire to see me get better."
Aug 13, 2019
"I had full replacements on both of my knees last year and I went to Leanora at Arkansas Valley PT for physical therapy after both surgeries. It was the best decision I could have made. Recovery from a knee replacement is not a quick or painless process under any circumstances but I felt that the physical therapy that I received at Arkansas Valley PT was instrumental in helping me get "back on my feet" and regain full range of motion and functionality of my knees more quickly than either I or my surgeon had anticipated. Cannot say enough positive things about the physical therapy I received. Head and shoulders above any physical therapy I had received in other locations prior to my most recent surgeries. You will never regret selecting Leanora and Arkansas Valley PT for your physical therapy needs."
May 14, 2019
"Leanora and Starr are amazing and insightful healers. They have helped me recover from an ankle injury and dislocated shoulder. Their instructions were clear, helpful, and kept me out of surgery. They look at the whole person and helped me make improvements overall, not just focus on what I was complaining about. Most importantly they provided comfort and hope that the pain would stop. "
Jan 24, 2019
"Leanora helped me recover from a detached bicep tendon. Following surgeon's recommendations, she ensured my recovery was methodical and complete. My arm is now back to what it was before the injury. She is a caring and cautious in her approach to rehab. She wanted me to regain complete use of my arm and she accomplished that. THANK YOU LEANORA! YEAH!"
Jan 22, 2019
"Leanora was fantastic; very personable. She got me right in and her office was easy to find. She made sure I understood what I was dealing with ( thumb and wrist) and how best to treat it (topically and with exercises/massage). Leanora handled all of my insurance needs without any fuss. I will definitely utilize her services again if needed! "
Jan 14, 2019
"Leanora responded immediately to set up my treatment when the hospital affiliated PT’s were booked weeks out. She is very accessible. She is the first PT I’ve been to beyond four appointments because she works with you your entire visit, every single time. She listens. She understands the desire for fast recovery (especially for an endurance athlete, trail runner, skier, biker, and swimmer). She is very encouraging when progress seems slow. I will definitely go back to her if I’m injured again."
Jan 13, 2019


Leanora helped me to understand what was wrong with my back and how to manage the pain and increase my mobility. No one else really understood or explained anything to me. I can hike again and ride my bike!!!!

Jeanne – Howard, Colorado