Direct Access

Colorado is one of 20 states that allow patients total, unrestricted access to a physical therapist. No type of physician referral is required for a physical therapist to treat a patient. As a Direct Access provider, we can provide a variety of services for you including the diagnosis of, interventions for, and prevention of impairments and functional limitations related to movement abnormalities.

What is Direct Access?

To sum up, direct access is a law that gives you the right and choice to seek physical therapy from physical therapists without needing to obtain a referral from your physician. The main goal of this law is to help provide you with easier access to care, less costly care, and improved outcomes.

How does this affect you?

You do not have to get a referral from your doctor. This saves time and money and you can access care sooner. We always make sure to communicate with your primary care doctors and specialists about your care and progress.

Enjoy faster healing and less pain and suffering!

GREAT NEWS! There are studies that back up the early intervention of physical therapy that's now made possible by the new Colorado "Direct Access" law. Studies have found that early physical therapy treatments result in fewer surgeries, fewer medical imaging tests, reduced need for pain medications and fewer visits to the doctor.

Direct Access in Colorado has many benefits. and it's so important that people begin taking advantage of these benefits. If you or someone you know is suffering from back pain, other types of pain or injuries, call a physical therapist TODAY! Get started on your road to recovery NOW!